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Digitising your travel and expense processes reduces time-wasting effort and frustration for your employees.

let’s make travel and expense management easier

what are the problems?

Currently,  travel and expense processes in many companies are often manual, time consuming and error prone. Employees have to collect receipts, fill out paper forms and reconcile expenses manually. This not only wastes time, it's also inefficient, delays reimbursement and is frustrating for employees.

why this matters

Lack of automation in  travel and expense management means managers struggle to track expenses and finance teams have difficulties reconciling and auditing expense claims. This can cause overspending, non-compliance with expenses policies and an increased risk of fraud going unnoticed.

how we can help

The solution is to digitise your  travel and expense processes and to use technology to streamline and automate the entire workflow. Arago’s travel and expense solution for SAP Concur means you can bring greater certainty, efficiency and savings to your business. You can use intelligent automation to make processes more touchless, audits and approval more efficient, and forecasts more accurate. You can free your business from unnecessary risks and costs.

Our approach


well-considered planning

The first stage of your projects is conducting interviews with all the stakeholders. Through these in-depth interviews, we analyse your current travel and expenses processes and identify digitisation gaps. We then select the most appropriate software and tools before crafting a comprehensive implementation strategy.


optimising the process

This is crucial for travel and expense because an optimised process enhances efficiency, reduces errors, ensures compliance and streamlines reimbursements, all of which lead to significant savings and boost employee satisfaction. We’ll be by your side on each step of the optimisation process.


integrating technology

Once we understand your specific travel and expense requirements, we’ll find software solutions which match your goals and streamline your processes effectively. Scalability, user-friendliness and support services are also essential. The right software can enable your finance team to manage more efficiently, encourage employee involvement and power organisational success.

our core solutions

SAP Concur Travel

You can simplify your employees’ travel experience, increase their compliance and control your company’s costs, all in one place.

SAP Concur Expense

Integrating your expenses data means that your company can always control spending anywhere and at any time.

SAP Concur Invoice

You can automate SAP to streamline processes, eliminate manual tasks and increase your spending visibility.

Arago Ready

This is a complete and ready-to-use solution, designed for mid-sized companies.

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related solutions

Arago ConnectHR

This Arago solution offers full integration to simplify Employee Data management and synchronisation between SAP SuccessFactors and SAP Concur solutions.

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Arago Extract-it

Extract-it allows you to extract expenses and related receipts from your Concur expense solution quickly, in just a few clicks.

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Arago QR scan

Arago QR Scan serves as an extension for SAP Concur, designed to scan the compulsory QR Codes present on every invoice and receipt. This feature enables the automatic and precise completion of all seven fields on expense receipts, including the ATCUD.

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Arago Budget-it

Arago Budget-it makes budget management between SAP Concur and SAP Funds Management (FM) easily accessible.

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This offers your employees the perfect digital adoption solution and guides users through digital transformation with personalised support, onboarding, training and increased tool adoption.

It can also be used to adapt the display of your solutions to make them more ergonomic and accessible.

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why work with Arago?

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We’re an international service partner specialising in digital transformation for finance. But we never forget that we’re here to help real people, no matter what size the organisation. So we speak their language and provide the tools and support they need.

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