Arago Ready

This is a complete and ready-to-use solution, designed for mid-sized companies.

a complete solution for your mid-sized company

Arago's all-inclusive solution!

Our all-inclusive HR and Expense Cloud Solution for SMEs redefines efficiency. From streamlining recruitment to providing a crystal-clear view of expense reports, each module is a game-changer. In just two weeks, bid farewell to the agony of traditional HR processes and embrace a user-friendly, automated haven.

designed with SME's in mind

Break free from the shackles of HR and expense management woes with Arago Ready. Budget-friendly, user-friendly, and empowerment-focused – we redefine HR and expense management cloud solutions. Seize control, empower your workforce, and propel your business forward.

Ready for HR

overwhelmed by HR chaos?

Ever felt the weight of HR chaos pressing down? Administrative nightmares, recruitment hurdles, and budget headaches making each workday a marathon? The struggle is real for SMEs drowning in personnel file management and endless tasks.

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four comprehensive HR solutions


Administer personnel files and handle daily operational administrative duties efficiently.


Manage every stage of your recruitment process, from the application to the hiring proposal.


Manage talent, conduct annual interviews, review performance, and assess careers continuously.


Manage your learning plan and budget, gain agility in managing your catalog and training sessions.

Ready for Expense

need to streamline expense management?

In the dynamic landscape of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), manual and outdated expense processes can be a significant hurdle. Tasks such as collecting receipts, filling out paper forms, and manually reconciling expenses not only consume valuable time but also introduce errors and frustration among employees.

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one comprehensive expense solution


Streamline travel and expense management for better control and real-time insights.

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