Arago QR scan

Arago QR Scan serves as an extension for SAP Concur, designed to scan the compulsory QR Codes present on every invoice and receipt. This feature enables the automatic and precise completion of all seven fields on expense receipts, including the ATCUD.

mastering efficiency with seamless automation

have you got SAP Concur Expense to handle expenses?

Arago introduces a groundbreaking SAP Concur extension designed specifically for the Portuguese market. This innovative solution seamlessly integrates QR Code reading capabilities into the invoicing and receipt process.

working smarter

Experience the next level of efficiency with our SAP Concur extension developed by Arago. Now, all your invoice fields in SAP Concur are seamlessly and automatically filled in with a remarkable 100% accuracy rate. Say goodbye to manual data entry and hello to a streamlined, error-free process.

elevate your process

By leveraging this functionality, users can effortlessly populate all seven mandatory fields within the standard SAP Concur report—surpassing the current OCR capabilities, which cover only five fields. This enhancement ensures not only automation but also unparalleled accuracy in data entry, providing a truly reliable and efficient solution for managing invoices and receipts within the SAP Concur platform.

how it works

capture invoice details

Employees initiate the process by using the SAP Concur mobile app to capture invoice information. With a few clicks, they digitise the invoice, leveraging the app's user-friendly interface.

Arago QR Scan extraction

The Arago QR Scan technology takes center stage, automatically extracting vital details from the QR Code on the digitized invoice.

automated expense report update

The SAP Concur app swiftly updates the expense report with extracted information using Arago QR scan, accelerating submissions and ensuring accuracy. This seamless process sets the stage for the expense report to smoothly progress to the next workflow step

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