Arago Extract-it

Extract-it allows you to extract expenses and related receipts from your Concur expense solution quickly, in just a few clicks.

your time-saving sidekick

have you got SAP Concur Expense to handle expenses?

Imagine a world where diverse expenses like food, accommodation, or travel are seamlessly sorted, each with its specific justification. Arago Extract-it not only simplifies this process but also eliminates the risk of errors, transforming the tedious into the effortless.

no more manual juggling

This process can become intricate and time-consuming. Consider the challenge of fitting together various elements seamlessly. Unfortunately, your system lacks the built-in capability to handle this complexity seamlessly.

streamline your invoice processes

Integrated seamlessly with SAP Concur Expense, it automates the entire extraction process. No more manual juggling; instead, enjoy a streamlined approach to handling diverse expenses effortlessly.

benefits of Arago Extract-it

data availability quickly, anytime

all information from your Concur can be search criteria.

security and proper use of data

users only access the data that concerns them.

integration to your IT

SSO integration with Concur or directly with your Active Directory.

interested in Arago Extract-it?