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Pernod Ricard: flexibility, integration and harmonisation of T&E management

Pernod Ricard's challenge

improve efficiency of travel and expense management

Pernod Ricard has expanded considerably in recent years, through organic growth and major acquisitions around the world.

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solutions used

Pernod Ricard has chosen SAP Concur solutions to help optimise travel and expense management.

SAP Concur Travel

You can simplify your employees’ travel experience, increase their compliance and control your company’s costs, all in one place.

SAP Concur Expense

Integrating your expenses data means that your company can always control spending anywhere and at any time.

optimizing global expense management

context & goals

The group faced some major challenges:

  • To manage travel expenses consistently on a global scale
  • Improving the quality of expense report information
  • Providing timely and reliable dashboards to improve the visibility of the Pernod Ricard Group
  • Simplify and align financial and travel processes to better focus on strategic objectives
  • Simplify the T&E process for end-users

Pernod Ricard needed agile T&E processes and integration with the financial system.


Pernod Ricard chose SAP Concur for its flexibility.

With the support of SAP Concur and Arago, Pernod Ricard created a global core model with common processes for all countries and entities, while taking into account localisation and different languages.

Requirements gathering, design and implementation were carried out in phase 1 for two countries (France and the UK) and six organisations.


  • significant progress in digitising the workplace
  • a single system for managing all T&E processes
  • time savings for end-users, managers and the accounting team
  • improved regulatory compliance
  • improved T&E reporting
  • efficient and complete integration with Oracle JDE and Workday systems