Document Generator

Document Generator is a cloud-based application, fully integrated with SAP SuccessFactors, to facilitate the process of creating, sending and storing of personnel-related documents, based on company-specific template documents.

Document Generator

The Document Generator, powered by myBrand, lets you generate documents in Microsoft Word or PDF format. It grabs info from SAP SuccessFactors and matches it up with your employee data for the document. This means you can quickly get your documents sorted without any mistakes. They can be downloaded, emailed, or popped straight into the digital personnel file.

With this nifty tool, you can connect document templates to certain events in SAP SuccessFactors. That way, as soon as you finish a process, your documents are automatically created and stored. For example, when a new employee's details are entered into SAP SuccessFactors, an employment contract can be automatically made, signed digitally, and saved in their file. It's all very efficient and seamless.

This product is a creation of myBrand Conclusion, partner of Arago.

Document generator

key features

easy creation of documents

Select the employee(s), select the right template (e.g. contract), determine action and the document will be created, sent or stored based on the action.

easy template management

The template documents are easily maintained using Microsoft Word®. It uses all its powerful features as headers/footers and dynamic texts.

fully integrated

Employee data is retrieved on-line, at real-time from SAP SuccessFactors, based on a key date and based on the Role Based Permissions in SAP SuccessFactors. Documents can be stored directly in the Digital Personnel File, making it even easier to manage all personnel related documents.

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