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L Occitane

L'Occitane group harmonises its HR processes with SAP SuccessFactors

L'Occitane group's challenges

global HR harmonisation and user adoption

With the support of Arago, the L'Occitane Group has set up a global HRIS, deployed in 90 countries. The solution is designed to harmonise HR processes across all the Group's BUs, while at the same time  while helping to make data more reliable.

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customer feedback

l'Occitane Group looks back on its project

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solutions used

the L'Occitane Group has chosen SAP SuccessFactors solutions to support the digitalisation of its global HR processes

SAP SuccessFactors Compensation

This gives you a simple way to manage employee compensation programmes as well as ensuring fairness and alignment with business objectives.

SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central

This cloud-based HR management system provides you with a central repository for employee data, streamlines your HR processes and allows you to manage your workforce more efficiently.

SAP SuccessFactors Performance and Goals

You can manage and track employee goals and performance effectively, which ensures alignment with organisational objectives and boosts employee involvement and productivity.

SAP SuccessFactors Succession Planning

Identify and develop internal talent, enabling your employees to plan actively for future leadership needs, minimise risks associated with key employee turnover and ensure a smooth transition of critical roles.

SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting

This solution makes it simple to streamline and optimise your recruitment processes, from job posting and candidate sourcing to applicant tracking and onboarding.

global HR transformation

context & goals

The L'Occitane Group, a prominent player in the cosmetics industry, operates in over 90 countries with a diverse portfolio of brands. With over 9,000 employees, managing a global workforce presents a substantial challenge.

Xavier Meulemans joined the Group to lead the establishment of a global HR department. Recognizing the need for a centralized HR information system, Xavier Meulemans spearheaded the implementation of an appropriate HRIS.

After a thorough analysis of available solutions, SAP SuccessFactors emerged as the ideal choice due to its modular nature, comprehensive functional coverage, and user-friendly interface compatible with various devices.


The implementation journey began in two stages, initially with another integrator and later transitioning to Arago, a company renowned for its customer proximity and expertise in SAP SuccessFactors.

The deployment of SAP SuccessFactors modules occurred in successive waves, tailored to the maturity of HR processes in different regions, brands, and audiences. A key aspect of the deployment strategy focused on change management, ensuring user adoption and a successful rollout. The current focus is on simplifying managerial tasks and promoting best practices across all countries.

The solution has become a central hub for accessing HR information, providing clear insights through centralized dashboards.


  • professionalisation of HR function globally
  • enhanced user access to comprehensive HR information
  • improved visibility through centralized HR dashboards
  • ongoing support and successful partnership with Arago
  • agile development with rapid MVP deployment
  • adaptability and seamless collaboration with Arago

We quickly felt the need to turn to a partner who fosters a closer relationship with its clients and is an expert in the SAP SuccessFactors solution, such as Arago.

L'Occitane Group
Xavier Meulemans, Total Rewards & HRIS Director