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 All our services are centred around four core activities which will help your business to negotiate the transformation to digitisation successfully.

advice at your fingertips

we’re here with the advice you need

At Arago, we understand how quickly the world of HR and Finance is constantly evolving and that organisations need to adapt to stay ahead. Our expert team will guide you through your digital transformation to meet the demands of the modern workplace.

The role of HR and Finance is currently undergoing a significant transformation. Organisations are faced with a globalised workforce, technological advances and changing employee expectations, as well as the need to remain competitive in talent acquisition and retention. This evolving landscape demands a fresh approach to best practices. Arago is here to help you navigate these changes effectively.

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your guide to licences

ensuring you have the right licences

Choosing Arago for your software licences means that you have experts on your side to provide you with expert guidance, cost-effective solutions and streamlined integration.

Our recommendations are tailored to your requirements and we offer support throughout the whole digital transformation process as well as valuable insights derived from extensive experience.

This all guarantees optimum value and efficiency for the unique needs of your business.

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managing your digitisation

insight for a successful digital transformation

Digital transformation for HR and Finance is about reimagining and reinventing your HR and Finance functions so that they become strategic partners in making your organisation and its workings a success.

You need to align all your strategies, processes and technologies so that they support your business goals and create a positive experience for all your employees. We can help you to navigate the ins and outs of your digital transformation journey successfully from A to Z.

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SAP Gold partner

benefit from the expertise of an SAP partner

We specialise in helping organisations seamlessly integrate the full potential of SAP SuccessFactors and SAP Concur solutions into their HR and travel and expense management processes.

why SAP SuccessFactors?

SAP SuccessFactors is a comprehensive cloud-based Human Capital Management (HCM) solution. From Core HR and Payroll to Talent Management, it offers a wide range of modules to optimise and support your HR operations.

why SAP Concur?

SAP Concur is a leading Travel and Expenses management solution which simplifies and streamlines expense reporting processes. It offers a unified platform to manage travel bookings, expense reporting and reimbursement, giving you greater visibility and control over your organisation's spending.

solution-oriented approach

a trio of implementation techniques

Different businesses have different needs and our strategic, solution-oriented approach ensures we cater to the full spectrum of client requirements, from quick setups to detailed customisations, with optimum results every time.

Arago Ready

This is our out-of-the-box solution which ensures swift and efficient deployment that stays within budget, saving you time and resources. With Arago Ready, it’s easy to streamline your HR and travel and expense processes which allows you to focus on what matters most, your people.

Arago Fast

We take the proven principles of rapid deployment and add solid customisation capabilities. This approach combines the best of both worlds. You enjoy speed and simplicity for quick implementation, along with the flexibility to fine-tune your HR and travel and expense processes to your organisation's precise needs.

Arago Flex

At Arago, we understand that every organisation is unique, and that needs can vary greatly. With Arago Flex, you’re free to pick and choose from a wide range of software modules, each designed to address specific challenges. Whether it's recruitment, performance management, learning and development, travel and expenses or any other HR challenge, you can craft the perfect digital solution.

realising the full potential

you get most with Post-Go-Live

We don’t abandon you once you go live. We’re here with Arago Post-Go-Live Support to ensure that your investment delivers its full potential. You get access to a customer portal which allows you to see all your support requests, so it's easy for you to track your progress and stay informed.

Our team will ensure that any questions or issues you have will be handled quickly and effectively. We aim to provide you with peace of mind, secure in the knowledge that you have a dedicated support system in place to maximise the return on your investment.

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why choose us?

up to date experience

Whatever your approach, our experienced consultants are up to date with the latest features, functions and best practices in digital transformation. So we can guide you in making informed decisions and selecting the most suitable approach for your organisation's needs.

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curious about digital transformation?

Contact us today to discuss what you need. We’re ready to guide you through the process, either by using industry best practices or creating tailored solutions to optimise your processes.