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Time tracking
2 October 2023

5 reasons SAP SuccessFactors Time Tracking stands out in the HR tech space

Managing time effectively is crucial for any thriving business. Enter SAP SuccessFactors Time Tracking—a Cloud HR tool to streamline workforce management, improve productivity, and enhance decision-making. This blog will explore five compelling benefits that make this solution indispensable for modern enterprises.

reason #1

pay your workforce accurately and on time

Your workforce expects accuracy, simplicity, flexibility, and transparency as part of the work experience. To perform at their best, employees need complete confidence that they will be paid accurately and on time. Managers also need to know that they have an accurate view of their labour costs. For employees to focus on their jobs, they should be able to enter their working time with simplicity on a solution that already knows who they are and their terms of employment. Your employees should also be able to enter, check, and update their time worked from anywhere and on any device. Your workforce needs built-in rules and guardrails to guide them as they enter their time. The right time-tracking solution should assure them that the data they’ve entered is correct, with predefined approval workflows that clarify pay processes. The SAP® SuccessFactors® Time Tracking solution can help realise the expectations of the modern workforce.

Pay on time
reason #2

improve the employee experience

Your employees can enjoy the same simplified and engaging experience across devices anytime and anywhere through the SAP SuccessFactors Time Tracking solution. The solution’s intuitive user interface gives employees personalised, role-based access to the information they need on desktop and mobile devices. Recording time worked is too essential to be an afterthought, but it shouldn’t drain your employees’ time. The solution improves the employee experience with a wide variety of capabilities, including:

  • Mobile clock in and clock out: Help employees record their time and the beginning and end of their shifts.
  • Time account payout: Allow eligible employees to choose whether to be paid for their overtime or use it toward time off by requesting a payout or an absence using self-service tools.
  • Single-record approval: Enable managers to approve specific time types (such as travel) in advance.
  • Automated calculations and approvals: Minimise managers’ time spent on administrative tasks and correct issues quickly before they become problems.
Employee experience
reason #3

minimise compliance risk

Mitigate compliance risk for corporate agreements, collective agreements, and local laws wherever you operate. SAP SuccessFactors Time Tracking is designed to meet the needs of organisations with global operations. It provides features such as country-specific rules to calculate pay information automatically and according to each employee’s profile. An employee’s profile defines which time types that employee can use and the rules associated with those time types. Features including dynamic break rules, on-call time recording, premiums and allowances, flexible overtime configuration (to meet specific union rules), timesheet validation, and others can help you maintain compliance. Configure your solution to generate warnings for employees, managers, and HR and avoid or correct violations such as excessive overtime or hours worked outside the permitted flextime bandwidth. For managers and HR, embedded insights and dashboards in SAP SuccessFactors Time Tracking provide visibility into your workforce to support better decision-making.

reason #4

streamline time administration

SAP SuccessFactors Time Tracking provides various tools to help you configure, monitor, and update your time management processes.  You can work with different recording methods to allow for automatic approvals when no relevant changes have been made or use administration tools to mass change approvals. The time administrator workbench helps you manage all aspects of an employee’s time data. Time alerts provide warnings and error messages that allow you to fix issues, including excessive overtime. You can automatically recalculate time data triggered by employee work schedule changes. The time valuation trace feature gives the HR administrator detailed insight into each valuation step for an employee to help demonstrate how specific time entries are calculated. This allows administrators to quickly and easily answer employees’ pay questions or troubleshoot issues with their calculated time. Embedded reporting, such as timesheet reports, shows planned and recorded time sheets with the approval status. Embedded analytics provides administrators with insight into time accounts and pay types.

Streamline time
reason #5

improve productivity

SAP SuccessFactors Time Tracking provides a solution for virtually all your time recording needs. With it, you can minimise administrative effort by setting up time profiles for groups of employees, which determine planned working time, overtime rates and regulations, shifts, on-call times, allowances, and so on. Keep track of all time accounts, stay on top of alerts, and correct issues that could delay employee payments or cause compliance issues. Intelligent approval workflows support accurate and timely decision-making. Depending on permissions, workflows can be delegated.

Embedded analytics provide business leaders and managers with deep insight into the financial impact of hours worked, workforce trends, and potential risks, such as compliance with local employment rules and regulations. Depending on your organisation’s rules and policies, you can set up alerts and error validations that speed up and simplify the time entry experience. The solution can also help you add automatic breaks into an employee’s schedule so you can make sure employees are taking time off following local labour regulations. This allows employees to receive the necessary holidays to stay safe, productive and engaged.

Finally, localised best-practice content lets you confirm your employees are paid at the correct rate for their region and type of employment.