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10 tips for selection
10 November 2023

top 10 tips for selecting your SAP SuccessFactors partner

Embarking on the journey of implementing SAP SuccessFactors is an exciting endeavour that can significantly transform your HR landscape. However, the success of this journey hinges on two crucial aspects: selecting the right implementation partner and effectively managing the partnership.

This blog will delve into the top 10 tips encompassing both facets – from making an informed selection to nurturing a successful collaboration. Whether you’re setting sail for the first time or seeking to enhance your existing implementation, these insights will serve as a valuable compass to guide you through the intricate waters of selecting your SuccessFactors implementation partner.

tip #1

get clear on your (digital) HR dreams

Much like charting a course before setting sail, defining your HR objectives precisely is essential. Identify the modules and customisations that align with your organisation’s strategic goals. This clarity guides your partner selection process and ensures you’re headed in the right direction from the outset.

Tip 1
tip #2

call in the SAP SuccessFactors experts

Much like seasoned explorers, they rely on trusted guides and utilise resources like the SAP Partner Finder and industry connections. These sources offer insights from peers who have navigated similar paths, providing recommendations and firsthand experiences to inform your decisions.

tip #3

partner up with pros

Navigating the complexities of SuccessFactors requires a skilled approach. Opt for an implementation partner with a track record of success and a certified team well-versed in SuccessFactors intricacies. Their expertise minimises risks and maximises the potential for a successful implementation.

Tip 4
tip #4

seek objective feedback

Before embarking, gather insights from those who have journeyed before you. Connect with (former) clients of potential partners to gain unbiased feedback on performance, reliability, and commitment. This firsthand information provides a realistic perspective to support your decision-making process.

Tip 4 bis
tip #5

cultural alignment for harmony

Just as a harmonious team enhances a journey, opt for an SAP SuccessFactors partner whose values align with your organisation’s culture. Shared values facilitate smoother collaboration and communication, creating an environment where both parties work seamlessly towards common goals.

Tip 5
tip #6

check their tech skills

Like ensuring a smooth ride, evaluate your potential partner’s technical capabilities. This assessment includes examining their expertise in critical areas like system integration, data migration, and customisation. A partner equipped with technical prowess navigates challenges adeptly, ensuring a successful implementation.

tip #7

get to know their style

Much like teams working in tandem, ensure alignment in project methodologies. Understand your partner’s project approach and ensure it aligns with your organisation’s work style. Shared methods streamline communication and decision-making throughout the implementation journey.

Tip 7
tip #8

make friends with the budget

Just as prudent budgeting is crucial for any journey, request a comprehensive breakdown of costs from your potential SAP SuccessFactors partner. This transparency allows for effective resource allocation, minimises budgetary surprises, and ensures financial alignment throughout the project.

tip #9

define roles and foster communication

As clear roles are pivotal in any collaboration, establish well-defined responsibilities for you and your partner. Maintain open communication channels, including regular updates, to ensure alignment and facilitate informed decision-making. Effective communication ensures a collaborative partnership.

Tip 9
tip #10

nurture ongoing collaboration

Remember that the journey doesn’t end upon reaching your destination; it’s an ongoing process. Treat the partnership as a continuous endeavor. Collaborate on improvements, share feedback, and adapt to evolving business needs. This dynamic approach ensures the partnership remains effective and aligned with your objectives.

one last thing

Following these guidelines empowers you to not only choose the ideal implementation partner but also cultivate a collaborative relationship, ensuring a seamless and triumphant journey with SAP SuccessFactors.

Keep in mind

  • This voyage isn’t just about reaching the destination.
  • It’s an ongoing commitment demanding continual adaptation.
  • Focus to stay aligned with your organisation’s goals.