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Arago x my Brand
7 novembro 2023

Arago enters partnership with myBrand Conclusion

press release

Paris, 7 November 2023 – Arago, an international consultancy specialising in the implementation of HR transformation projects, has formed a partnership with SAP and OutSystems service and knowledge provider, myBrand Conclusion. The collaboration aims to expand the service offerings of both companies, both of which are SAP Gold Partners. By joining forces, myBrand Conclusion and Arago further bolster their position as trusted advisers within the SAP ecosystem.

pooling resources for outstanding support

Through the partnership, Arago benefits from the SAP SuccessFactors add-ons from myBrand Conclusion. This gives European clients of the consultancy access to advanced HR solutions designed for increased efficiency, enhanced employee experience, and smooth business transformations. In turn, myBrand Conclusion can leverage the expertise of Arago in offering SAP Concur implementation services to its clients. SAP Concur focuses on integrated travel, expense, and invoice management solutions, providing organisations with insights into their expenditures and allowing easy expense management.

Jean-Christophe Péaudeau, CEO of Arago, explains: "This partnership marks a significant milestone in our journey to deliver leading SAP services. I am thrilled to unfold our expertise in SAP Concur in the Netherlands. The complementary expertise of myBrand Conclusion in Digital HR extensions strengthens our position and enables us to offer solutions to European clients that promote business growth and efficiency."

Roel Knoppers, CEO of myBrand Conclusion, on the partnership, said, “I am very excited about this collaboration with Arago. They are an internationally recognised organisation in the SAP Concur domain. This partnership boosts our capacity to offer top-notch SAP solutions tailored to the unique needs of our clients.”

Roald Gerritsen, Director of HR Solutions at myBrand Conclusion, added: “This partnership is a great step towards realising our ambitions. I look forward to offering our services beyond national borders and introducing an international audience to our SuccessFactors add-ons.”

about Arago

Arago is an SAP Gold Partner specialising in the implementation of SAP SuccessFactors and SAP Concur for medium to large enterprises globally. Our team of 180 certified professionals is dedicated to ensuring seamless integrations and maximising ROI. Arago has offices in 7 countries: France (HQ), Belgium, Switzerland, Portugal, Spain, Morocco, and Colombia, providing customised, scalable solutions to boost efficiency and user satisfaction. Our global reach and profound expertise result in innovative, value-driven outcomes for over 100 SAP Concur projects and over 800 SAP SuccessFactors projects.

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about myBrand Conclusion

myBrand Conclusion offers the new service standard for SAP and OutSystems services. myBrand Conclusion was born from a vision to shape a service provider they themselves would want to engage with. This is encapsulated in our mission: to be the service provider most highly-rated by clients. Core values leading the way include long-term relationships, integrated service delivery, and outstanding value for money. With these values, myBrand Conclusion not only distinguishes itself through its close collaboration with clients but has also become known as the SAP and OutSystems service provider that takes responsibility for the successful business processes of its clients. myBrand Conclusion offers SAP and OutSystems services in consulting, implementation, projects, support, and operations. The company has been established for over 18 years and has offices in Geertruidenberg, Apeldoorn, and Maarssen. They employ over 400 individuals.