Easy Help Desk

Significantly boost the efficiency of SAP HXM and Payroll Shared Service Centers.

Easy Help Desk

Easy Help Desk provides processes, documents, and reports that streamline activities in SAP Payroll shared service centers, enhancing efficiency and reducing support expenses. It enables front-line agents to resolve more queries independently, freeing up more experienced agents to tackle more intricate problems.

This product is a creation of SpinifexIT, a partner of Arago (VAR).

Easy Help Desk

key features

faster issue resolution

Easy Help Desk swiftly pinpoints data alterations and occurrences such as retroactivity affecting payroll results, simplifying issue resolution by clarifying the reasons behind these changes.

comprehensive reports & documents

Shared services personnel have the option to select from a collection of pre-prepared reports and documents, which can be quickly executed and emailed to employees, accelerating the resolution of any HCM or Payroll inquiry.

improved business processes

Easy Help Desk offers a live perspective of payroll results across one or several pay periods, all within a single dashboard inside SAP Payroll or Employee Central Payroll. This creates a user-friendly platform that ensures a uniform approach for teams to investigate and address issues.

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