Easy Clone

Swiftly copy and anonymise SAP HXM and Employee Central records in seconds.

Easy Clone

Easy Clone offers a swift and secure method for organisations to accelerate their testing and troubleshooting efforts. It allows precise control over which records and data fields to duplicate and anonymise, safeguarding your data's integrity and drastically cutting down the time needed to update your HR and Payroll systems. Easy Clone removes the necessity for manual data replication or entire system copies, substantially reducing costs, effort, and risks associated with testing, resolving issues, troubleshooting, and training activities.

This product is a creation of SpinifexIT, a partner of Arago (VAR).

Easy Clone

key features

copy from cloud and on-premise

Duplicate and anonymise data from both SAP HCM and SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central at the click of a button. Easy Clone offers smooth integration between the two systems, facilitating quicker completion of upgrade testing and guaranteeing that all necessary data can be incorporated.

minimise testing efforts

Simplify the testing process for your HCM and Payroll upgrades, enhancement packs, and hot packs by automating the creation and anonymisation of your test data.

safeguard data integrity

Your data remains within your SAP/SAP SuccessFactors system as you anonymise and mask sensitive fields and outcomes. This approach helps prevent costly audit issues stemming from the exposure of sensitive information and manual data handling.

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