Digital Personnel File

The Digital Personnel File is an application hosted on the cloud, seamlessly linked with SAP SuccessFactors. It's designed to help store and access employee-related documents. This system is tailored to each company's unique filing system and adheres to the legal requirements of different countries.

Digital Personnel File

From the time an employee joins your company until their departure, various important documents related to their performance are created. These include appraisal reports, employment agreements, and personal records.

It's essential that these documents are stored securely, ideally in a digital format, while keeping in line with local legal requirements. Additionally, accessing these documents should be quick and straightforward. The Digital Personnel File (DPF) offers a completely digital solution to achieve this.

This product is a creation of myBrand Conclusion, partner of Arago.

Digital personnel file

key features

highly customisable

Various types of files and documents, along with customer-specific metadata tailored for your company, can all be adapted and managed to suit your specific needs.

user friendly

Placing documents into a folder or shifting them between folders with the Drag & Drop feature cuts down on the number of clicks required, enhancing the user experience.

fully integrated

The application is fully integrated with SAP SuccessFactors, Document Generator and several digital signing providers, lifting your HR processes to a higher level.

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