Arago UKG for SAP SuccessFactors

This specially designed Arago connector embeds the UKG HR Service Delivery platform into SAP SuccessFactors. It is available on the SAP Store.

where efficiency meets empowerment

are manual HR processes weighing you down?

Managing HR processes, including document generation and task assignment, induces constant frustration. Manual efforts, such as handling hiring events and ensuring data accuracy, amplify inefficiencies.

what's hindering your workflow?

Agitation stems from time-consuming tasks, errors in document generation, and manual coordination across systems. Navigating complex processes, dealing with data sync delays, and ensuring compliance contribute to heightened frustration and inefficiencies within the HR workflow.

empowering employees, liberating HR

Say goodbye to HR headaches with Arago UKG for SAP SuccessFactors. It's like having a superhero for your HR team—automating document tasks, giving employees self-service superpowers, and using historical data wizardry. With friendly features and task magic, it transforms HR into a breeze, making work easier for everyone.

how is work made easier?

effortless document generation

Streamline HR processes such as hiring or rehiring by automating document generation, sending completed files directly to Arago UKG for SAP SuccessFactors employee folders for increased efficiency.

liberating self-service options

Free up valuable time for HR, managers, and employees by implementing self-service options within SAP SuccessFactors, allowing individuals to independently generate documents like verification of employment using Arago UKG for SAP SuccessFactors.

harnessing historical data

Unlock the potential of historical data in SAP SuccessFactors with Arago UKG for SAP SuccessFactors, enabling personalized document generation, such as creating verification of employment letters based on an employee's past positions.

task automation for seamless workflows

Automate tasks within SuccessFactors using Arago UKG for SAP SuccessFactors, ensuring a smoother workflow by creating and assigning tasks to HR, employees, or people managers, enhancing overall efficiency and collaboration.

interested in Arago UKG for SAP SuccessFactors?