You can streamline your recruitment processes, identify high-potential employees and foster a culture of continuous learning and career development amongst your employees.

talent management redefined

struggling with outdated talent identification and workforce planning?

The core issue in talent management stems from a lack of real-time visibility into employees' evolving skills, impeding the identification of internal growth, training, and project opportunities.

ready to transform talent management?

The integration of 365Talents with SAP SuccessFactors aims to revolutionise talent management by providing instant insights into employees' skills and potentials. This innovative solution addresses challenges associated with outdated workforce planning, strategic misalignment, employee disengagement, escalated recruitment costs, and ineffective training investments.

elevate employee development and engagement

This platform is purpose-built to elevate the employee experience by leveraging Artificial Intelligence to disrupt traditional Talent Management. With personalised opportunities for career growth seamlessly delivered through the SAP SuccessFactors interface, 365Talents ensures a dynamic and engaging workplace where employees can thrive and contribute effectively to organisational success.

impact of 365Talents

transform your annual review data into action plans

boost the mapping of skills to optimise strategic workforce planning

personalise and enhance the value of training path

deploy your internal talent marketplace in just 6 weeks

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