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webinar replay: digitizing pre-boarding (french)

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digitizing pre-boarding

key factor between recruitment and core HR

Welcoming new employees is crucial to the employee experience and administrative management. Our webinar highlights PreBoarding strategies to counter "ghosting", a phenomenon where 1 in 5 candidates fail to show up on their first day. Find out how an early and careful welcome can reduce this risk and promote successful integration.

This webinar, hosted by HR experts, will provide you with valuable insights and concrete solutions to anticipate the integration of your future employees even before they arrive. Learn how to create a lasting first impression that encourages commitment and retention from the very first moments of their journey within your company.

Discover the keys to success that will enable you to :

  • successfully digitalize your PreBoarding process
  • Involve all stakeholders
  • Optimize all stages
  • Secure the link between recruitment and administrative management

Register now to transform your approach to PreBoarding and guarantee a warm and efficient welcome for your new recruits!